Have A Cow, Man

My boyfriend and I came this close to impulsively scoring a handsome, sustainably-raised cowhide rug. The price was far higher than expected so we walked away empty handed. However, I’m officially on the search for another, as I especially love the idea of layering it over one of my many rugs at home . . . any leads would be greatly appreciated!

cowhide | HonestlyWTF


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Ulla Johnson Spring 2016

Before we get knee deep in what’s to come next fall, with fashion month just around the corner, let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the prettiness that can potentially takeover our closets come spring. Season after season, Ulla Johnson continues to master boho-chicness with her Indian printed dresses, Victorian embroidered blouses and Aztec inspired knits. Her effortless and relaxed appeal makes it nearly impossible to exclude anything off my wish list (helloooo denim pinafore, crochet cardigan and Ukranian inspired off the shoulder top!) – and clearly, other savvy shoppers have caught wind of her talents as spring pieces are already selling out.



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Pablo Thecuadro

With just a conventional utility knife, Madrid based photographer and artist Pablo Thecuadro cuts apart fashion editorials and photographs to create collages. I love the surreal, trompe l’oeil quality to them – you can literally spend minutes just admiring each piece!



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Berets?! Mais, oui.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to hats. I pretty much own or have tried on every silhouette imaginable – with one exception: the beret. Even the Francophile in me just assumed the cliché French chapeaux would certainly be most unfavorable to my large tête and round face. But thanks to Alessandro Michele and Luisa Beccaria, I was inspired to try on my first beret on a recent hat shopping excursion with a girlfriend. Instead of shits and giggles, my reaction was more along the lines of oooh-la-la! I was surprised how versatile and flattering it was and I loved that you could wear it so many ways, slouchy like a beanie for a more boyish look or slightly tipped for a more feminine feel. I loved it so much that I bought two. So what do you think? Mime or chic?



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