DIY Lace Tambourine

I wish I can say I thought of this idea. But really, it was this creative bride and her stunning wedding that inspired these handmade lace tambourines. The timing of the discovery could not have been more ideal since my dear friends were getting married a few weeks later. I thought they would be the perfect addition to their impending nuptials. With just a few simple materials, I sat down to make these adorable wedding favors – just in time for their Labor Day Weekend celebration!


You’ll need:



Down In Scrubby Bay

After purchasing and converting an old sheep and cattle station into a private guest house, just off the coastline of Banks Peninsula in New Zealand, real estate developer Mark Palmer added another farmhouse inspired villa to the ever so secluded Scrubby Bay. Surrounded by hills of tussock lies a cedar-clad, ocean front house that is completely remote, private and simply stunning. Take me there and please, do not disturb.

Digital process : PixSolution

Digital process : PixSolution

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