The Ultimate Leather Chair

May I introduce you to the most stunning piece of furniture you never knew you needed? This gorgeous chair, with its simple leather seat, bronze frame, shearling pillow and wooden tray, is the brainchild of designer Tyler Hays of BDDW. It’s a work of art – quite honestly, it is everything.



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Just Keep Swimming

The simple delight of swimming, captured by illustrator Joanne Ho, brought me slightest glimmer of cheerfulness this morning, amidst all the tragic and devastating events that have occurred in our country in the last few days. No matter how small we might feel in this big, confusing world, we must keep learning, taking action, listening, uniting, swimming . . .


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Samuji Resort 2017

The rocky cliffs and sandy beaches of the Gulf of Finland was the perfect backdrop for designer Jenni Väänänen’s second preseason collection for Finnish label Samuji. The collection is rooted by natural fabrics that require low maintenance care, like linen and wool, while still maintaining the label’s sumptuous and luxurious sensibility. The palette reflects the cool and rustic colors of the earth and ocean. If packing for a seaside getaway is in your winter plans, look no further than this beautiful nod to nature.



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Type of Letters

Niral Parekh‘s got mail, lots of it. The graphic designer arranges different combinations of his paper mail into a custom made organizer to spell out words and shape symbols. Some works can take over 3,000 pieces of postcards, newspapers, and letters to create and over 18 hours to perfect. It’s a beautiful thing, especially for those of us that have a fondness for typography and a love of snail mail.




Villa Palmier

All it took was a single visit to St. Barts for Matt and Kate Holstein to fall in love and relocate their home from Aspen, Colorado. Inspired by the calmness of the island’s calming Caribbean sea breezes, laid back French culture, and charming aesthetic appeal, the couple purchased a run down beach shack and transformed it into Villa Palmier, a stunning guesthouse that’s all about bringing the outside in and the inside out. I appreciate how its simplicity truly celebrates island life. And I can only imagine that I, too, would instantly be swept off my feet after a trip to this dreamy retreat.



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