Le Sirenuse

Nestled into the cliffs of Positano, overlooking the Amalfi Coast, is Le Sirenuse – an eighteenth century summer villa turned hotel that has become legendary in this sleepy, romantic village. I love that the traditional details, like the hand painted tiled floors, the poppy red exterior and decorative antiques, haven’t been changed a bit over the years. And the indoor vines and outdoor lemon trees?! Charming and perfect. Andiamo!



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Passenger Vintage

When you find vintage this good - in one well curated place – you want to just relish in it and buy all the perfectly weathered white tees, broken in denim, and dreamy white slip dresses for yourself. And not tell a soul. You feel me?! But my conscience got the better part of me and it would be selfish not to share. So here it is: Passenger Vintage. You’re welcome. And save some for me.



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Sally King Benedict

Artist Sally King Benedict borrows features from real and imaginary people for her series of abstract portraits. The colors, the eyelashes, the cheeks! Each of the ‘faces’ are so powerful and magnetic, I’d love to have any one of them on my walls at home. Speaking of homes, you’ll wanna check out her stylish Atlanta home here. So gorgeous!



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