Ian Davenport’s Puddle Paintings

I’ve had a few of Ian Davenport‘s Puddle Paintings hiding in an inspiration folder on my desktop since 2011. Fortunately, I was able to rediscover his amazing polychromatic work after reading about his most recent installation, where he collaborated with Swatch for the Venice Biennale. Wide Acres of Time is made up of more than 1,000 vertical lines of glossy and vibrant acrylic paint, all along a 46 foot wide aluminum panel. For over 20 years, the British artist has been making paintings by pouring paint onto a tilted surface, allowing the vertical lines to cascade down into rich puddles of color. The precision in the creation of hues and choice of sequence can be under-appreciated until you’re able to actually see his process in motion. Check out the video below for a mesmerizing peek into Ian Davenport’s brilliant method.


Dreamy Work Spaces

I’m in the market for a another work space. Our makeshift dinning room office is not only driving Abe crazy, it just isn’t sustainable anymore. And now that Coco is just half a year away from preschool, I feel like I can finally work out of the home full time. I’m loving all of these artist and creative studios – they’re each full of natural light, which is oh so important. High, vaulted ceilings are a plus too. I’ll update you on my newfound search but in the meantime, can we all let out a collective swoon at these inspiring spaces?



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Ohkii Studio

Clearly, I’m not yet ready to let go of summer as I’m just relishing these works from illustrator Angela Mckay, of Ohkii Studio! As a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, Angela uses gouache and watercolor to depict scenes of carefree adventure and moments well spent at the beach. I just adore the patterns, colors and sense of calm. I know for certain, once the novelty of the fall season wears off, I’ll be looking back at these images, waiting for yet another summer to arrive . . .


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