Catalan Modernism

All of the wonderfully eclectic details, that make up Lázaro Rosa-Violán‘s home in Barcelona, are to die for. Though the 4,000-square-foot, Art Nouveau style home was rather neglected when it was purchased by the interior designer, it was filled with an insane amount of original details like stained glass windows, intricately tiled floors, carved oak panels and ornate ceiling moldings. And I just love that Lázaro layered on the design with furniture of a wide range of styles and periods.



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White Out

As unimaginative as it may sound, white is my favorite color – it’s the most dominating hue in my closet. I’ll take any version of a stark white blouse, tee or button down shirt any day. And head to toe white?! Even better. Seasonless and timeless.


Sydney Fashionweek 2015, Lily Montana

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