A Jaipur Jewel Box

Remember Narain Niwas Palace Hotel’s Bar Palladio? If you don’t, I recommend you take a moment to jog your memory. Stunning, right? Now, thanks to Architectural Digest, we get a peek inside the mastermind’s magical residence, which also happens to be inside the Narain Niwas. When the former Tocca designer Marie-Anne Oudejans moved to into the ground floor apartment of the Jaipur hotel seven years ago, she had no idea that one day, she’d fall in love with interior design and decorating. After being approached to reimagine the hotel bar and restaurant, Marie-Ann thought it was time to give her own suite a makeover. Walls were repainted, chairs were reupholstered and furniture was custom built. It’s floor to ceiling breathtaking. The canopies! The painted ceilings! The colors! Glorious!!


Magnetic Midnight

Magnetic Midnight is the time of day when the South magnetic pole or the North magnetic pole align between the sun and a person on the earth’s surface. This is the best time for observing auroras and it also happens to be the namesake of Lucia Echavarria’s brand of bijoux de têtes, jewelry for the head. The Paris born, New York based, Colombian designer has been designing her spectacular headpieces since 2015. Each piece is handmade in Colombia with raffia, folk charms, jewels and of course, my personal favorite: pom poms. This season, the collection was inspired by a recent trip to Oaxaca, where Lucia was compelled to incorporate the bright colors from Mexico’s Day of the Dead and little tin milagros into one of kind pieces. Goodbye flower crowns, hello Magnetic Midnight . . .


Impossible Geometry

What seems like a digitally superimposed graphic over a photograph is actually an optical illusion. Artist and photographer Fanette Guilloud is able to create these real life illusions by using a technique called anamorphic projection, similar to the work of Felice Varini, where an image only comes together as one when viewed from a specific angle. She meticulously paints over surfaces, of varying depths, in abandoned buildings in locations throughout Toulouse, Bordeaux and in the French Alps near Lyon. They’re mind blowing and I absolutely love them.


Nanushka Resort 2017

The incessant rain has been cramping my style. So much so that I spent the majority of my day yesterday researching vacation destinations in warmer climates. I’m craving the feeling of the sun beaming on my face, wherever that might be. And Nanushka‘s resort collection is making that longing even more desperate. Gimme all the frayed linen culottes, smocked jumpsuits, deconstructed cotton camis and oversized knit sweaters! In every color under the sun . . .


DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Happy first day of Spring! Or should I say, pom pom season? It’s usually this time of year when I start adding pom poms and tassels to everything. Not to say this kind of flair isn’t appropriate all year round. But there’s just something about warmer weather that makes whimsical accessories that much more fun to wear. Today, we’re making pom pom earrings! All you need is a few items from your local hardware store and a couple of pom poms. Easy.

You’ll need:


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