Dr Propolus

I’ve never met a doodle I didn’t love. And I love Ilias Walchshofer‘s series of doodles. The Austrian-Moroccan illustrator, who also goes by the moniker Dr Propolus, uses fashion photography and historic art as his canvas. Thin black and white drawings bring these otherwise serious compositions to life. Some are amusing, some are cheeky – but mostly, they’re just magical.



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Kip & Co x May Gibbs

How adorable is this new collection of bedding from Kip & Co? The housewares label is celebrating the 100 year birthday of Australian children’s author May Gibbs’ iconic storybook characters in the form of pillows, quilts and sheets. I’m not familiar with May’s books but I learned that she was quite the environmental trailblazer with conservation being the overarching theme in her animated stories. While it’s delightfully nostalgic for most Australians, it’s simply delightful for everyone else!


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Lemaire Spring 2017

Christophe Lemaire and co-designer Sarah-Linh Tran have made the progressive women and the independent thinker their label’s ultimate muse. Their brand philosophy is rooted in the importance and practical aspect of everyday wear. This is why we’re absolutely inspired by their latest collection, complete with interesting layers and volumes. High waisted cargo pants were loosely cinched at the ankles, ballet tops were paired with ruffled knit skirts and long camisoles were layered over tunics and cropped trousers. And the series of wood beaded bags?! Obsessed and like I said, inspired.



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We’ll Carry This Together

I couldn’t think of a better time to be reminded of Laura Berger‘s gouache paintings. We’ve previously featured some of her older work on HonestlyWTF but now, I find myself treasuring the uplifting characteristics of her paintings more than ever. Women of all shapes and colors are intertwined, melded and united as symbol of strength, power and harmony. YES. Love.



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DIY Drop Pocket Jeans

I have an obsession with reworking denim. The addiction has justified my reasoning for never getting rid of jeans, much to my husband’s chagrin, no matter how old they are. Really, there’s nothing that a pair of scissors can’t overhaul. To date, we’ve patched holes, fringed cuffs, embroidered waistlines and shortened uneven hems. And thanks to a set of drop pockets on a pair of beautifully reworked vintage denim, from cult label Vetements, I’ve been newly inspired. My version is a much simpler interpretation of the original, which is actually made up of two pairs of vintage denim (perhaps this explains the $1400 price tag?!), and all you need is a seam ripper and the most basic sewing skills. Cheeky!

You’ll need:

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