Jacquie Aiche x Mother Denim

All it took was a night in Paris for the creative light bulb to go off in the heads of jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche and Mother Denim co-founder and designer Lela Tillem-Becker. The longtime friends decided to join forces on what might be the coolest collaboration this year: a capsule collection of distressed, button-down denim shirts patched with Jacquie’s signature motifs. Each shirt is made to order and customizable with a sweet leaf, eye or pyramid. I mean, obsessed is an understatement.

Jacquie Aiche x Mother1

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Dear Rae: Let’s Get Tropsi

Just as fall has officially descended upon us, summer is just beyond South Africa’s horizon. South African designer Karin Rae Matthee‘s latest collection, of gold and silver jewelry dotted with gemstones and palm frond motifs, was “inspired by sensations of Summer; the bright sun, cool leafy shade and the feeling of fruity juice running down your chin.” Summer, fall or winter – who cares? Let’s get Tropsi!


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Raw Hem Denim

Denim hems are on the rise . . . literally. We’re loving the look of a raw and frayed edge, exposing the perfect amount of ankle. Do as we do – take an old pair of straight leg jeans, cut off a few inches and let your washing machine do the rest of the work!



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Building Block Fall 2014

Yes, yes, yes to Building Block‘s newest color in their fall lineup. Rich forest green handbags, with their signature leather tassels and geometric wood and plexiglass details, are coaxing me into an obsessive, consuming state. I just adore the simplicity in the silhouettes and the playfulness in the details. So classic, so good. So what will it be? A bucket bagcylindrical duffle, or backpack? I’ll take all three.



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The Cornershop

How is this for crazy cool: everything, I mean everything, in Lucy Sparrow’s London corner shop is made from felt. The artist spent eight months hand stitching 4,000 drug store items before opening up her store with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Uncanny replicas of candy bars, cigarettes, magazines, ice cream, canned foods, laundry detergent, beer and condoms stocked the shelves of the installation. As of late summer, Lucy sold out of all her provisions and her Cornershop is closed until further notice.


Lucy Sparrow The Cornershop

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