Gift Guide 2017: For The Impossible To Shop For

Happy Cyber Monday! How are we already nearing the end of November?! I say this every year, I’m well aware. Alas, today marks the start of my annual series of holiday gift guides, curated to make your holidays less stressful. First up: gifts for the girl that’s “impossible to shop for.” I know this person well since it’s what most of my friends and family use to describe me. What they don’t know is that I’m honestly quite simple to shop for! I love anything handmade, sentimental jewelry, tech gadgets and can’t live without beauty products. I’ve also never dissed a candle. See? Easy!


Small Businesses I Love: San Francisco Edition

One of best things about living in San Francisco is the cornucopia of unique small businesses. Local businesses are the backbone of any community, so I greatly believe in the importance of supporting them, especially in an era where it’s far too convenient to shop online. With Small Business Saturday just around the corner, I’ve partnered with Uber to highlight my top 5, best loved businesses. And thanks to the “Saved Places” feature in the Uber app, I’m able to efficiently bounce around town, hitting up my favorite haunts without having to deal with the hectic parking situation, especially this time of year. So, if you’re ever in The City By The Bay, be sure to bookmark these incredibly fun destinations. And if holiday shopping is in the plans this holiday weekend, I hope that you’ll get out this Saturday and support your local small businesses!


Metier, 546 Laguna Street, Hayes Valley: Sheri Evans and Trina Papini have been buying estate and modern jewelry for their stunning jewel box of a boutique for over 20 years. Their shared passion for storied trinkets and modern approach for procuring keepsakes means they’ve amassed a covetable collection of jewelry from nearly every era. I’m a sucker for antique jewelry and love that every visit to Metier is never without an awe inspiring, historical anecdote.


DIY Simone Le Blanc’s Seasonal Ceremony Bundle

When Simone Le Blanc launched her gifting studio in 2012, she quickly took on the esteemed status of the ultimate gift giver. Every single product in her thoughtfully curated gift boxes are unique and of the best quality; but it’s her extra personal gestures, like reusable packaging and dried flower posies, that make the art of gift giving that much more special. I’m super excited to share a tutorial that Simone has exclusively created for HonestlyWTF: a beautiful, seasonal bundle of dried flowers, foliage and ceremonial Palo Santo. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday tablescape, or even a gift. I personally can’t wait to make this for my Thanksgiving table this year!

This is the time of year where moments to entertain seem to occur endlessly. One of my favorite ways to elevate a gathering and really make a tabletop feel like it’s your own is to add a foliage bundle to each place setting. They double as a simple takeaway gift and can even inspire a wonderful moment of conversation as everyone is seated. I love to think seasonal – build from what’s around you in your environment and create a concept that conveys the spirit of the gathering.

By incorporating touches of Palo Santo, hand painted foliage, dried flowers, juniper and oversized matched, I created a bundle that felt of the moment and that would also carry through to the holiday and New Year. Adding luminescent shine is meant to inspire moments of self reflection while graciousness of the natural wood incense felt in line with the seasonal moments of ceremony and celebration.


Innika Choo Bordir & Daisies

Just as I’m finally relishing in fall’s late arrival, Innika Choo is tugging at my warm weather loving heartstrings with her latest collection of cotton and linen frocks. How can I not ache for white linen dresses hand embroidered with daisies, pinafores finished with eyelet hems, and cotton gingham dresses tiered with layers upon layers of scalloped ruffles? And the mini versions for girls?! It’s all so good. Per usual, I love that Innika always considers the versatility of her clothing. Everything is available in just one size and can be worn in a multitude of ways with the help of ties and drawstrings. And with all the layering possibilities, I can certainly justify incorporating several pieces into my fall wardrobe.


DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

It’s been four years since Abe and I moved into our newly remodeled house and believe it or not, we’re still working our way down a long list of to-dos. That may sound stressful but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from being a homeowner is to not rush through all the details. And if you know me, you’d understand how that lesson was a difficult pill to swallow. But it turns out, taking on projects piece by piece actually makes home ownership manageable and actually more exciting! Plus, taking the time to figure out what is needed to accommodate your family’s habits and lifestyle really cuts back on any hurried mistakes. So I guess this is the moment when I confess that we’ve been without a shower curtain in our guest bathroom all this time . . .

When we designed this part of the house, we knew we wanted to raise the ceilings. This bathroom wasn’t particularly large so the idea was to bring in more light by creating high ceilings, giving the illusion of more space. So with so much height in our second bathroom – the only bathroom with a tub – we knew we couldn’t rely on an average length shower curtain. We should be accentuating the height, not distracting from it! So for years, I’ve skirted around this conundrum. That’s when Esurance came into the picture, reinforcing the value of customization and inspiring me to finally tackle this one glaring item on that to-do list. I fell in love with the amazing macramé shower curtain that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess made but was still challenged with how to add at least 10 more inches of length. Instead of sewing trip over the curtain, I added trim along the bottom edge and then tied on cords to give it the length it needed. Voila. Problem solved.


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