Ted Baker has launched a wonderfully cheeky new campaign featuring Redge Blaker, a sharp-witted cultural adventurer and alter ego to VICE’s co-founder Gavin McInnes. Equal parts fashion anthropologist and style ambassador, Redge is always put together in true British gent form and of course, accessorized with a whole lot of laugh out loud humor. Head on over to StreetWinker for comical “how-to” videos, dazzling GIFs, and tip top style – because who doesn’t appreciate a dapper, well dressed man?!


Moustache_noWater-210 Woman_O_noWater_210 Jewelry_noWater-210


Man_G_v001_210 Lipstick_noWater_210 Man_B_v005_210


Sorry_noWater_210 Teabagging_noWater_210 Woman_N_noWater_210


Bowtie_noWater_210 TipTouch_noWater_210 Woman_I_noWater_210

(Fall 2013 collection available at Ted Baker)