I’ve been putting off filling my house with indoor plants and beautiful, mid-century inspired planters because as most of you might know by now, I have a history of killing even the most low maintenance plant. What can I say? I’ve been plagued with a black thumb. So, I had a lot to prove before finally splurging on creating my dream indoor oasis. I’m happy to report that I managed keep orchids and a fiddle leaf fig tree flourishing this summer. And now, with a long list of planters and plant stands on my wish list, to the nursery I go!midcenturyplanters1





(clockwise from top left: The Original Jack Planter $225, POD Chrome Planter $424, POD Brass Planter $434, Cynlinder Planter With Wood Stand $150, Dundee Floor Planters $70, Bullet Planter $155, Shallow Root Vessel $389, Case Study Bullet Planter $200, Fern Living Plant Stand $44, Architectural Pottery by La Gargdo Tacket $6,500; images via Restored, In Honor Of Design, Design Sponge, Domaine Home & Ferm Living)