Beauty may be her hertiage, but Aerin Lauder‘s true passion lies in home decor. Not only does she have a dreamy Aspen chalet and a glamourous Manhattan office to back it all up, Aerin recently launched her own lifestyle brand to include a collection of gilded home objets and accessories. And I’m buying into all it’s urbane glory. I mean, who doesn’t need a solid brass match striker?! Honestly.

(clockwise from top left: Round March Striker $190, Ram’s Murex Shell $340, Lettered Cone Shell $140, Turtle $60, Artichoke $170, Geo Bowls $550, Cream Shagreen Frame $290, Small Turquoise Jewelry Box $790, Shagreen Candle Stick $180, Natural Agate Geode $150, Sea Urchin $750, Antler $195, Chambered Nautilus Shell $290, Pyrite Sphere $600; rest of images courtesy of AERIN)