Honestly, who doesn’t love tassels?! We adore them hanging from handbags, shoes, jewelry, and just about anything. So when we discovered that super soft, pre-cut leather fringe was so readily available to ship, we immediately whipped up a handful of danglers for our barren bags. After all, more is more is more! And of course you can make tassels using old fashioned method, but if you’re ever short on time this is a speedy and easy shortcut.

You’ll need:

The leather fringe from Tandy Leather comes in a 36″ strip. Divide the strip into four 8-9″ pieces to create 4 tassels.

From one of the fringe pieces, cut off a single fringe. Cut an inch or so off the top. Place a small drop of tacky glue in the upper right corner of the inside of the fringe piece.

Place the longer strip on top of the glue and another drop of glue on top of that. Fold the leather strip over to create a loop. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes.

Now start rolling around the loop tightly. Place a very small strip of glue along the top of the fringe and continue to roll.

Finish the wrap with a small amount of glue at the very end. Wrap a rubber band around the top of the tassel until it completely finishes drying. Don’t worry if any of the glue seeps out as it will eventually dry clear.

Thread the tassel, or tassels, onto a few inches of ball chain and add the connector to secure it.

We dare you to make just one!

(3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli here; Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch similar here; all images by HonestlyWTF)