Not only is Aldo commemorating their 40th anniversary this year, they’re also celebrating their long term commitment to reduce waste. By adding handles to their eco-friendly shoe boxes and turning them into bags, the goal is to reduce bag consumption by 40% this year and 70% by the end of next year. So when Aldo asked us to repurpose their special edition shoe box into something functional, we embraced the challenge. Reuse, repurpose, recycle . . . no problem.

You’ll need:

Start by measuring the length and width of each side of the shoebox, including the lid. Cut with a ruler and an exacto knife. There should 9 pieces of paper cut out.

Dip the sponge brush in Mod Podge and generously brush it over the entire top of the lid.

Lay the cut paper over the wet area. Continue gluing paper onto the other sides.

Once all the sides are covered in paper, coat the entire shoe box with a layer of Mod Podge. As it dries, it will become transparent.

Once the lid and the box are completely dry, stack the spools of ribbon along one side of the box. Mark the middle points of each spool with a pen. Using the eyelet setter, punch a hole at each of the marks.

Push the eyelets through the punched holes. Using setting portion of the setter, set each eyelet. If you don’t have an eyelet setter, you can skip this step.

Thread the ribbons through the backside of the eyelets. Repeat the steps on the opposite side of the box.

Place the lid over the box to store.

Viola, you’ve just repurposed an old shoe box into a beautiful ribbon storage container!

(all images by HonestlyWTF)