As cliché as it might sound, the part I enjoy most about making things by hand is not the result but rather, the process. Finding the right supplies to successfully make something I’ve envisioned come to life is gratifying – and at times, inspiring. Serendipitously discovering an unexpected component can completely transform a project for the better. This is why I’m so excited to share today’s launch of Etsy Studio with you! Etsy Studio is a marketplace solely dedicated to DIY supplies and projects, brought to you by our friends at Etsy. This means millions of unique materials, parts and components, from all over the world, will now be shoppable at one place. Finally!

It’s taken me years for me to realize that some of the most beautiful and colorful vintage trims are found in Peru. I’ve also learned that some of the best made pom poms come from Thailand and beautiful fringe trim can be found in India. These little discoveries inspired today’s DIY, an embellished straw clutch. And after today, thanks to Etsy, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make your own on the new Etsy Studio.

You’ll need:

Start with a clean, straight edge on your first piece of trim. Line it up against the horizontal edge of the clutch, making note of the vertical placement. Spread fabric glue (or tacky glue) along the vertical line of the clutch and carefully place the trim over the glue and press into place.

Add glue along the backside of the clutch and then back around to the front, underneath the flap. Continue pressing the trim into the glue. Cut the trim so the edge lines up cleanly against the edge of the clutch and allow the glue to set for a few seconds before moving on.

Continue adding more trim . The vertical lines of the straw clutch are a great guideline to keep the trims aligned perfectly. When adding pom pom trim, allow for more time for the glue to set and dry. It’s a heavier and stiffer trim so it might even need extra glue.

When you come across the snap closure, simply cut a small piece out of the trim.

To layer the fringe trim, start by gluing down the trim that will follow the last piece of fringe and work backwards. Add the last piece of fringe trim.

And then add the first piece of fringe trim.

There are several ways to finish the bag. You can leave it as is with the straw edges exposed. Or you glue down a line of small pom poms or a string of tassels with a hot glue gun. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it and don’t be afraid of playing with color and textures!

(Photos by HonestlyWTF; this post was created in collaboration with Etsy Studio. All opinions are my own!)