Earrings that thread, pierce, and twist through piercings that don’t exist. <Rubs eyes.> Huh?! You mean I don’t have to get even more piercings to make it look like I’m wearing an ear full? YES. Jewelers like Maria Black and Smith + Mara are creating delicate and precious metal ear pieces that fool the eyes to believe you’re sporting multiple piercing when you’re actually wearing just one. But your ears aren’t pierced at all? Catbird and Erstwhile have got your covered with super chic options that simply cuff and screw onto the ear. 






(clockwise from top left: Smith + Mara Pavé Suspender Earring $460, Smith + Mara White Sapphire Spiral Earring $190, Catbird Earcuff $78, Erstwhile Cupid Arrow $1560, Maria Black Elodie Blanc Twirl $560, Maria Black Illusion Triple Convertible Earring $120, Winden Anna Earring $85, Smith + Mara Gold Suspender Earring $150, Jack + G Earnut Earring $66, Maria Black Ear Cuff $60, Maria Black Twirl Earring $375; images via Erstwhile Jewelry, Maria Black, Smith + Mara, Winden Jewelry & Maria Black)