There’s a new hat line in town and I’m in love. And it’s no wonder one of my favorite travel photographersis part of the creative brains behind the brand. Lucy Laucht, together with Johanna Peet of Peet Rivko and Nicole Najafi of Industry Standard, collaborated on a collection of Southwestern inspired hats, handmade by America’s oldest hat maker. In fact, the multi-generation milliner crafted Georgia O’Keefe’s iconic hats in the early 1900s! Tio y Tia recently launched with two classic styles:  The Gambler, a black hat with a classic curved brim and O’Keefe inspired chin strap and The Dolores, a brown hat with a wide brim. I dig the short and flat crowns, as well as the promise that the hats only get better with age. Sold.

(Tio y Tia hats $195 – $215)