Everyone has a favorite number – whether it’s symbolic or just lucky. Since launching our charm bracelet collaboration with Lulu Frost last week, a few of you have shared with us what number is special to you. The stories have inspired us and designer Lisa Salzer’s team to share our own – and now, we want to hear more from you! Share the personal significance of your number via Instagram and we’ll select someone to receive a number charm bracelet of their choice. Simply Instagram a photo that best represents your favorite digit, tell us why, and tag it with #luckynumberlulu. A winner will be selected on October 21st. (Winners will be announced here and on Instagram. Good luck! xx)


Erica, HonestlyWTF Editor: Almost 5 months ago, my husband and I welcomed our baby boy Quincy. He is the apple of our eye and we wake up every morning feeling so fortunate. The Latin origin of the name ‘Quincy’ is the number five and he was also born on the 5th month of the year, which makes 5 his number. And that makes it my new lucky number.

Lisa, Lulu Frost Designer and Founder: I always see 11:11 on clocks – sometimes twice a day!  It’s my lucky # and I always make wishes until it becomes 11:12.


Lexi, Lulu Frost Social Media Manager: This picture of Central Park represents my lucky numbers 8, 3 & 1. I moved to NYC on 8/31/11 and so far it’s been one of the best things that’s happened to me. My birthday is also on October 3rd so 3 is especially lucky.

Sandra, Lulu Frost Director: 3 and 7 are my lucky numbers. I wear my Lulu Frost CODE rings so I’m reminded everyday. 3 is for me and my 2 sisters – we all have the number 3 CODE ring, and 7 is lucky because my birthday is on August 7th.


Lauren, HonestlyWTF Editor: I know it’s a bit cliche to have 7 as my lucky number, but I was born on the 7th in 1977. That’s a lot of 7’s so I have always just gone with it. Besides, birthdays are special in my family – my grandmother had a precious charm bracelet with all of her children’s birthdays on it.

Victoria, Lulu Frost Design Manager: 13 is usually considered an unlucky number, but I’ve always found it to be lucky for me, especially since my birthday is on the 13th of June!


Briana, HonestlyWTF Intern: There are 4 girls in my family – my mom, my two sisters and me. They are my best friends and closest confidants. Girl power with the luck of 4!

Julie, Retail Operations Manager: Number 3 is my lucky digit! My birthday falls on May 3rd so it’s always been special. This vintage Native American turquoise bracelet is the first thing I bought when I moved to NY to work for Lulu Frost.


Amy, Lulu Frost Production Director: I made this out of vintage scraps in our studio…3 is my lucky number because it reminds me of my two brothers and I.

Chelsea, Lulu Frost Logistics Coordinator: I wear my number five CODE ring everyday! It stands for the 5 members of my family and happens to be the day I was born (October 5th).


Don’t forget to tag your Instagram photo with #luckynumberlulu to be entered into the giveaway!



**** Congrats to Rebecca June, whose favorite number is 3 – inspired by the 3 members of her family. Thanks to everyone who participated!!


(Lulu Frost x HonestlyWTF Number Charm Bracelet $225)