We recently collaborated with jewelry designer extraordinaire Lisa Salzer, of Lulu Frost, to design a limited edition charm bracelet and we’re so thrilled to finally be able share it with you! What makes this bracelet so special are the 10 unique number charms. Different Victorian lockets and vintage pendants from Lisa’s archive were used as inspiration for each silhouette and the original font from New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel inspired each single digit number. With the addition of a couple of pearls and a crystal leaf, this charm bracelet allows everyone to have their own meaningful jewelry statement. And with a pair of pliers and jump rings, you can add more mementos, making it an even more memorable keepsake. Head over to the Lulu Frost blog to find out more about why Lauren and I chose our favorite numbers, 7 and 5 respectively. So tell us, what’s your lucky number?




(Lulu Frost x HonestlyWTF Charm Bracelet $225)