Perfection takes time. So when it takes two whole days just to construct the arched soles of each of Beek’s leather sandals, you know they must be perfect. Designers Birgit Klett and Kenna Florie launched their collection of leather sandal styles in 2015 after working alongside a 40-year-old, family-owned factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, to create a sandal that was not only comfortable but that could endure the test of time. Actually, it was a pair of Italian leather sandals which Kenna so lovingly owned for over 20 years that was one of many catalysts behind the brand! I’m always in the market for that perfect pair of leather sandals so I’ll definitely be snatching up a pair. Stay tuned as I give them these beauties some good3 wear this summer . . . beek1beek2



(Beek sandals $240-$295)