Element Eden‘s consistent mission to inspire young women is one of the many reasons why we respect and love the label so much. The brand is based on a team of advocates, a hand selected group of visionary artists, musicians, activists and humanitarians, whose stories exude creativity, passion, and social awareness. One of these inspirational advocates is Amy Purdy, a snowboarder, skateboarder, makeup artist, actress, model, and double leg amputee. She was also the inspiration behind Element’s Live Learn Grow collection of casual and activewear. Take the time to watch the incredible video below and let this profound insight from Amy motivate you to always seize the day: “Go outside, smell the trees and breath the fresh air. Seeks what makes you feel at peace and open to discovery, then share that knowledge and inspire others along the way.” WORD.

(LLG Collection $30-$64; photos by Lauren Ward)