Growing up just a couple miles from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, I never really understood the obsession with so-called “beach waves” until I no longer lived near the beach. Now that I’m in cooler climates and further from summertime excursions to the beach, I rely on trusty hair products to help me achieve that I-just-spent-the-entire-day-in-the-salty-sea-and-my-hair-looks-so-amazing-I’m-not-going-to-bother-washing-it look. From someone who has taken genuine beach waves for granted, trust me when I say these products live up to their hype. And it’s all about the application. For example, Josie Maran’s Bohemian Waves Hair Mist works better if you allow it to dry for a few hours in an updo or spray on slightly damp hair with the help of some scrunching action. Oribe’s Aprés Beach Waves and Shine, my personal favorite, can be applied onto dry hair, sprayed onto set curls or used for extra volume. What about you? What’s your secret to sexy beach hair?