If you happen to be in Northern Italy in the next 14 days, you must make a trip to Lake Iseo to experience artist Christo’s latest work, The Floating PiersThis is Christo’s first large scale, self funded project since The Gates in 2005 and since his wife and parter Jeanne-Claude’s passing in 2009. The idea of allowing people to walk on a body of water, by way of floating walkways, was first conceived by the duo nearly 47 years ago. And after scouting the lakes of Northern Italy, Christo and his team settled on Lake Iseo in 2014. After two years of engineering and installing 220,000 high density polyethylene cubes, wrapped in nylon fabric, the 1.8 mile long and 53 foot wide walkway is now connecting two small islands to each other and to the mainland. And like all of Christo’s projects, it is open free to the public 24 hours a day and on July 3rd, all the components will be removed and industrially recycled. So you’ve got 2 weeks to just follow the saffron colored road.







(images by Wolfgang Volz)