My dear friend and talented singer-songwriter Lissie has a new album Back To Forever, which launches today. If you aren’t familiar with her music, let me just tell you that her voice is powerful and her lyrics are moving – enough to inspire graffiti artists Angelina Christina and Gianni Arone to paint a mural of the songbird in Venice, California. I was fortunate enough to witness this work of art come alive, which so wonderfully captures her spirit. Be sure to check out Lissie’s new album and if she’s happens upon your town, I highly suggest you go see her live!

songbird 11

songbird 03

songbird 04

songbird 08

songbird 06

songbird 10

songbird 07

songbird 09

songbird 05

songbird 12

songbird 02

(images by HonestlyWTF; some of my favorite songs: Little Lovin‘, Look AwayEverywhere I GoIn Sleep, Don’t Be The One with George Stanford and Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness)