So, I’ve taken up ceramics. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try – since high school, in fact – and was never able to make it past a wait list or find the time. And of course, just as I’m busier than I’ve ever been before, I’ve decided to immerse myself a series of courses at my local pottery studio. It is challenging on so many levels. It’s a true test of patience, calmness and tolerance . . . all things I very much crave in my life right now. Sitting at the wheel for 3 hours every week has been a most wonderful and much needed break from the technology that dominates my life. And after 8 weeks, I’m finally glazing my first piece. It’s a humbling process. Anyway, I’ve grown an immense respect for ceramic artists and dream that one day, I can come close to creating pieces as beautiful as those from Australian ceramicist Bridget Bodenham. I love her organic forms and th way she juxtaposes raw clay with accents of gold.










(images via The Design Files & Bridget Bodenham)