Alexandra Kehayoglou was born into the first family of rug weavers in Argentina, making her career in rug making more of a calling than a choice. “I was born into a house with virtually floor to ceiling carpeting. I was raised in a family with a heritage of rug making, my grandparents were from a city called Isparta, now in modern day Turkey, my grandmother brought over her looms and her skills to Argentina handed down from her ancestors, then taught her children.” But for Alexandra, her carpets are less utilitarian and more of an art form – each treated almost like a painting where landscapes and terrains are woven and trimmed with dynamic, three dimensional texture. Her nature inspired work is so magical, Dries Van Noten commissioned her to to create a forest-like runway for his Spring 2015 show. It’s all so incredible, it makes you wanna reach out and just feel her work.

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(Via New York TimesFvF & Vogue)